Piano and Voice Lessons for Everyone…..

24 Apr


Have you ever wanted to play the Piano but were too embarrased to start.

Perhaps you thought it was too hard or you might feel you lack the skills, coordination to be successful.

I can help you.   We all have different talents and skills and if you can type, you can learn to enjoy playing the piano.

I have over 35 years teaching experience including the joy of teaching children with learning disabilities.  In order to play correctly it takes four main elements;

Time – you have to be willing to engage yourself and practice daily.

Desire – you have to WANT TO PLAY and pay the price to get good.

Talent – you have to possess basic eye hand coordination skills.   Every one has different levels of expectations.   Some people are ‘born’ to be concert artists, music majors, music teachers.  Some are born with limited skills but everyone can attempt to enjoy pieces and learn foundation skills.

Teacher – it takes a great combination of studying with a teacher whom you connect with and respect.   Unfortunately here in America anyone can pretend to teach living room piano lessons, but not everyone knows what they are doing.  I always tell parents / grandparents to try out several teachers and find someone who clicks with their children both on an emotional and cognitive level.


If you need help / advice towards purchasing Pianos and or Keyboards, I can help you no matter where you live with free advice.   http://www.Pianobyartscott.com

I am experienced not only as a professional teacher with a degree in Music Education, I used to sell Pianos / Keyboards and Organs and know the music industry extremely well.  There is a lot of inferior Pianos / Keyboards being sold today and I can help you make a wise purchase – the first time!   I have been to piano factories and watched them being built by hand.



      email:   mraspiano@yahoo.com

Studio:        949.454.1221


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